The Legend of Cat Lee


We are happy to work together with Nickelodeon, addiction games to produce this hard core shooting game.

Addiction games are trying to build a brand new website style now,  and the game is exclusive host on their website’s first place.

The game win the prize of Best shooting game of 2012 by

In this game you can connect your super weapons together, get into your cool robot, and fight for the cat planet! Destroy over 40 different kinds of enemies and 5 cool bosses in this Epic story-based arena shooting game!



– Brand new rune system, in which you can enhance your weapons in hundreds of ways and even connect all your weapons together!

– Nice cartoon graphics. More than 20 battle areas, 6 story animations, 9 characters.

– Lots of special levels(defender mode, save hostages, mirror mode,challenge mode, easier mode, etc.)

– 40 kinds of runes, 6 main weapons and 8 cool magic skills.

– 4 unique soundtracks and Voice Acting performed for characters.

– Over 40 different kinds of enemies and 5 bosses each with their own unique abilities.

– Easy to pick up and play, and high level of intensity at later levels.

– Physical interaction between the player and environment.


– WASD and Space – to movement and teleport

– Mouse – aim and shoot

– 1~4, Q, E, R, F to change weapons and skills

– P to pause, M to mute


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