Asgard Attack is coming

The new strategy game Asgard Attack is coming soon!

Yes, we can use both Left and Right click in this game.

You’ll have 4 basic types of heroes. They are warrior, Ice magician, Archer and Priest.

By upgrading their weapons, armor and skills to max level, they can  turn to gods!  They are 8 gods to be choosen: Thor, Odin, Tyr, Frigga, Freyja, Ullr, Nott and Vidar.

Each of the god has two new skills to upgrade. So there will be lots of ways to upgrade your units, and the battle will be really strategic.

By now, there are 16 different stages. Each one has two game modes: standard mode and wild mode. Wild mode is a brand new design, which will give the game lots of replay and fun.

Beyond the battle, we have a great Asgard Home to build. Different buildings has different functions to help you win the battle more easily.

We believe the building Asgard Home system is much more interesting than the traditional skill tree system.

Asgard Home:

Townlibraryfight (1)

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