Create Game Scene using AIs

Recently, we are working on creating Game Scenes.

For example, like we want to create a road like below,


We draw it. but if we want to change the length or angles later, we need redraw it. That is unacceptable.

So we design a model like this,


and cut it into pieces. Wow how many!


Then we can choose pieces from it to make any road we need. But to pick and pile them up still take lots of time and energy.

By some effort, we find some rules in them. Then we write AIs to help us and They work perfectūüėĀ

Now big and complex scenes can be achieved!

Cloud Coffee


Long long ago, lots of angels came to the cloud coffee and  the hostess was a beautiful angel too. People living on the ground want to come to cloud coffee too,  they build a sky ladder. All the effort is worth. The coffee here and the smile of the hostess are terrific!

But no awesome things can last too long…

No one knows when the angels disappears from the world, even here, people can never meet angels anymore.  Only a black swan left.