Food and Life window paint


There is a beautiful window paint in the adventure library.

We hunt in the morning to get food, and we read at night to gain life.

Maggie’s Carpet

This week, my favorite creation is Maggie’s Carpet. There are stories about the ancient world of Moles. Maggie used to like it very much…carpet.jpg

Elaine’s Rebbit flower

Elaine’s house is in design progress. She loves plants and has a Rebbit flower like this.

Actually, few people want to plant these Rebbit flowers. Because they are really sensitive about people’s emotions.

If they are unhappy with you, they will go blue and smell terrible.

Elaine may believe she is the rebbit flower in girls.

rebbit flower

The Soul

Here is the player character designed for Soul Shell. We want to call him the Soul. Which one do you like best?

The Story happens in a different world. Moles had ruled that planet. But now there are lots of different intelligence live together peacefully.

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